Production plant of the ATTACK, s.r.o.

The ATTACK, s.r.o. produces the articles in own production halls. Production is divided into production of biomass boilers from cast iron and steel, wall hung gas boilers and floor standing cast iron boilers. The ATTACK, s.r.o. disposes with the newest and the most modern technology for boiler production (robotized welding workstations, laser workstation,CNC workstation, bending with active angle measuring,...) which exceed actual European standard in many ways and which markedly increases quality of final products.

We have all qualifications to become the European market leader in production of biomass boilers. Our storage premises for components and for complete articles are divided into separate areas.

Production technology of the ATTACK, s.r.o. biomass boilers

Steel biomass boilers from the ATTACK, s.r.o. company, designed by own development are manufactured in conformity with certified quality management system ISO 9001.

All operations necessary for boiler production are performed in a company, i.e. we do not work in cooperation. Therefore we are able to control high quality of the manufactured boilers.

Production ATTACK

Laser material cutting

Technology: Bystronic

For this process we use the latest cutting technology, CNC laser cutting machines Bystronic. It is Swiss cutting technology of high standard,which uses the high powerful laser ray for its function. Advantage of the laser material cutting is high accuracy of the laser burnt parts of the ATTACK products.


We provide the bending process on bending hydraulic compactors with contactless laser measure system.This system assures formation of equal angle also in various divergences of used material (comprehensice tolerance of plate of thickness ). The result is accurate required bend of the piece.

CNC robot welding

Technology: Welding robots Romat®

For robot welding we use the welding workplaces of CLOOS company. Advantages are in high quality pf manufactured bodies and high productivity.


Pressure test and final revision

During this process is the boiler exchanger tested by 1,5 multiple of max. operation pressure.By pressure test of boiler exchangers, the first class boiler quality is assured. During the final revision is every boiler tested by control system function tests. Final revision assures 100% quality of our products

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