* Means of protection and prolongation of boiler´s lifetime

Appropriate solution to protect and as a way to increase the life of ATTACK is using mixing equipment - Regumat ATTACK-OVENTROP.

* Equithermic regulator to biomass boilers

Weather-regulator controller MAX ATTACK is a top regulatory element for the gasification and Pellet boilers ATTACK (ATTACK DP, DPX, ATTACK PELLET). ATTACK controller is designed for control of heating systems including the regulation of hot water.

* Superstructure SV

Towing flue SV fans are supplementary devices designed for stationary boilers ATTACK.

* Room thermostats and regulators

Programmable room thermostat designed to effectively control the heating system.

* System plate for floor heating

System board heating system with reflective sheeting THERMOFLOOR ATTACK.

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