About our company

ATTACK Ltd.- European manufacturer, exporting to the whole world

The Attack Ltd. is the largest heat technology manufacturer. The production began in 1995 with floor standing boilers, D.H.W. tanks, wall hung gas condensing boilers, atmospheric boilers and  gas floor standing boilers.

The company belongs to medium-sized ones and it diposes with 5000m2 of built-up area and with 1000m2 of uncovered area.

In this time, the ATTACK Ltd. employes from 100 up to 150 people, according to demands of the market.

The ATTACK Ltd. regularly takes part in domestic and international exhibitions of heat technology. The company has achieved many awards there, from honourable mentions to gold medals.

All the boilers are made from components of world´s producers and manufactured by the most modern technology. Production is controlled  by camera and computer system and tested by progressive devices and methods.

Gas boilers use natural gas or LPG-propane as fuel. For users of biomass there is an offer of cast iron solid fuel boilers (wood, coal, coke) and of steel, wood gasifying (pyrolitic) boilers and pellet boilers that reach higher efficiency and save environment.

The ATTACK Ltd. disposes with own development center, construction, sales and export to foreign markets. All products are manufactured in own production halls. Company size  and providing all actions by high-professional management and sole owner represent advantages that contribute to flexibility of the company.

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